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Offbeat Destinations In India Road Trips The pretty pink city of Jaipur is not just well known for its sightseeing options but also for being a base to explore some of the nearby tourist attractions around. Here are some of the nearby tourist attractions that can be easily included in your trip to Jaipur. Ajmer Blessed with immense natural beauty, Ajmer is flanked by mountains on all sides, which makes it a popular tourist attraction. It is also a renowned pilgrim centre, which represents a subtle blend of Hindu culture with Sufi traditions. It is located km. Bagru Bagru is a small village that is located at a distance of 35 km. Pushkar Situated in Ajmer district in Rajasthan, Pushkar is well known for its annual cattle fair called Pushkar fair, which draws tourists from all over the world. It is one of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations for the Hindus.

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Among these, the Shakti Peethas at Kamkhya, Gaya and Ujjain are regarded as most sacred as they symbolize three most important aspects of mother Goddess viz. When observed carefully one can see that they lie in a perfect straight line from Kamakhya to Ujjain via Gaya symbolizing that every creation in this universe will annihilate one day without fail.

The temple is located in Trimkomali, or Trincomalee on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

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The nightlife in Jaipur has plenty to offer regarding things to do in Jaipur for both residents and the growing number of foreign tourists. Offering something for everyone, nightlife in Jaipur is bound to be a unique and unforgettable experience. Today its unique sandstone coloured walls attract visitors from near and far, making it one of the most popular destinations in the city http: Also built in the 18th century, Nahargarh stands on top of the Aravalli hills and offers visitors impressive panoramic views of the city.

These forts are an exciting experience for visitors of all ages. For those who wish to learn about the rich history of Jaipur, and those who only want to stand back and enjoy the stunning views and architecture. Another spectacle not to be missed in Jaipur is the Jantar Mantar light show. Jantar Mantar is the largest stone observatory in the world, and the light show which lasts for 45 minutes, is in part a reflection of the story of how and why Jai Singh decided to build the structure.

Shows start at Tickets cost between 10 and 20 depending on whether the show is in Hindi or English. Choki Dhani — A taste of rural Rajasthan If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the nightlife of Jaipur, and experience a unique culture first hand then perhaps Choki Dhani is for you. An award winning tourism project located just outside of Jaipur, Choki Dhani is a traditional style Rajasthani village which showcases the very best in art, culture and cuisine.

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Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad Share: Construction of Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid, one of the world’s largest mosques and one of the oldest in India began in during Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah’s reign and took almost 80 years to complete. Large enough to accommodate 10, worshipers, this beautiful mosque’s 15 enormous arches and pillars were each wrought from single slabs of black granite dragged to the site by huge cattle trains reputedly consisting of up to 1, bulls. Taking its name from the bricks above the central gate that were brought here from Mecca, this impressive complex features highlights such as its main gateway, huge plaza, a large manmade pond, and a room that houses the hair of Prophet Mohammed.

Other notable features include inscriptions from the Quran above many of the arches and doors, the exquisite roof of the main hall, the cornices around the entire mosque structure, and the floral motifs and friezes over the arches. Amer Fort often also spelt “Amber” was built as a fortified palace in by Maharaja Man Singh I and has long served as the capital of Jaipur.

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Jaipur is a standout amongst the most beautiful cities in India. It has a prospering tourism industry. Numerous old and ignored palaces and forts in Jaipur have been changed into heritage hotels. The city of Jaipur looks vibrant and vivid with its exceptional architecture and natural surroundings that make it the most looked for after destination of India. Jaipur city with numerous forts and historical monuments offers a number of romantic places for couples.

Couples can choose from various gardens or forts to spend some quality time with their partners. They can also choose from a number of romantic restaurants in Jaipur. If you would like to visit Jaipur for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaway then we have listed some of the romantic destinations for you in Jaipur. You can also plan to visit these places to make your valentine day special as well.

It is well known among tourist groups and is like a delightful refuge if you are planning a honeymoon or a romantic weekend trip to Jaipur. Ambiance , Food and Services of this restaurant is just awesome and you would love to date here again and again.

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Email Few people are aware of a city which is quintessentially Indian, Jaipur. There are innumerable ways to familiarise yourself with this wonderful city. Even the unforgiving midday sun casts a rich red hue as it heats the stone. Not surprisingly, the city takes on a stunning beauty at sunrise and sunset.

The pretty pink city of Jaipur is not just well known for its sightseeing options but also for being a base to explore some of the nearby tourist attractions around.

The city is one of the oldest in India and is mentioned in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. The region however was inhabited since the 6th century BC and came under various historical and mythological dynasties of India. Owing to its ancient culture and tradition Mathura contains a plethora of tourist attractions, the best ones of those are as follows. The God king was said to be born in a prison cell and the exact location of the prison cell is now occupied by a temple that is frequented by thousands of tourists each year.

The best time to visit is during the festival of Janmashtami and Holi when the festivities are at their prime. Jama Masjid in Mathura is one of the major historical monuments in Uttar Pradesh. The mosque houses the tomb of the Mughal governor and is located close to the aforementioned Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir. The temple is known for its amazing swing festival at the start of the monsoons in this region.

The reservoir has a calm and serene environment and can be used by visitors for a swim. The major attraction here is the evening Aarti which is not to be missed and is commonly photographed by the shutterbugs. The pool of the Radha Kund is said to be formed by Lord Krishna who struck the earth and the water emerged at this spot. Raja Mansingh was one of the Navratnas of the Mughal emperor Akbar.

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Our top pick of the best places to visit in India, including Jaipur, Varanasi, Darjeeling and the backwaters of Kerala with information on where best to visit each month. To help you make this tricky decision, we’ve listed our pick some of the best places to visit. With a history dating back to around AD, Jodhpur is a beautiful.

Splashing rivers, water streams and lofty mountains with the finest of slopes make it a place perfect for adventure sports. It has numerous temples and is, therefore, called the “Valley of Gods”. Celebration of Dussehra is in itself a prime attraction of the valley drawing many tourists every year. The main attractions of Kullu are highlighted below: Religious One of the prime tourist attractions of Kullu is the Raghunath Temple which is dedicated to Lord Ram, one of the most important deities of Hinduism.

This temple was constructed by Raja Jagat Singh in the year to seek pardon for his sins. The king got an idol of Lord Ram from Ayodhya and placed it in this temple. Bijli Mahadev Temple Category: Religious The Bijli Mahadev Temple is located at an elevation of 2, metres and, as the name suggests, it is frequently struck by lightning. This palace houses beautiful miniature paintings done in Kullu style with themes such as simple rural backgrounds with human figures in them.

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Well, that is quite possible now! Yes, you read that right! Wiki The clock tower on the Amber fort or even the rest of it is a superb choice for a pre-wedding photo shoot. This place captures the essence of this architecturally rich city with fort walls, a little water body and the scenic view of the city in the background. Chomu Palace Image Courtesy:

Places to Visit in Jaipur. You just can’t have enough of the places to visit in Jaipur as the Pink City, as Jaipur is called, is crammed full of historical Jaipur tourist places. In fact, in terms of sightseeing, the few other destinations in the country can match the beauty of historical sightseeing in Jaipur.

Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao was born in Gurgaon. Languages and dialect[ edit ] The main language spoken in Gurgaon is Hindi , though a segment of the population understands and speaks the English. The dialect used in Hindi is similar to that of Delhi, and is considered neutral, though the regional influences from the states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab adds an accent to the language.

English is spoken with an Indian accent, with a primarily North Indian influence. Since Gurgaon has a large number of international call centres , the employees are usually given formal training in neutral pronunciation in order to be understandable to native English speakers. Haryanvi and Punjabi are other popular languages spoken in the city. The other regional languages include Mewati and Haryanvi.

There are several places of worship for major religions in Gurgaon, including mandirs , gurdwaras , mosques and churches. It is a temple dedicated to the wife of Guru Dronacharya. Sports[ edit ] The city has two major sports stadiums: Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Sector 38, which has facilities for cricket , football , basketball and athletics as well as a sports hostel, and Nehru Stadium which is designed for football and athletics.

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