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Binsacca May a city validly set health and welfare benefits for its city council members at a dollar amount equal to a set percentage of the benefits provided to the city’s highest-income employee group, and, if not, what are the consequences of overpayment? Bidart Does Elections Code section a require a county Board of Supervisors to appoint water district directors under circumstances where incompatible office holding would result? Medeiros Must specified prior offenders receive a formal pardon from the Governor in order to obtain a “Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon” and qualify for a classified employment position at a school or community college district? Eisenberg May a water district provide retirement contributions to members of its governing board without violating statutory compensation limits? Medeiros May a local jurisdiction require a subdivision applicant to eliminate the designation of a remainder parcel on a tentative parcel map, or require an applicant to provide additional analysis of a remainder parcel that has already been approved for development? On hold due to pending litigation. Eisenberg Request for advice on the jurisdictional authority of a local housing authority and an out-of-state housing authority under state law. Binsacca Is the time for filing the report required under Business and Professions Code section tolled when a healing arts “licentiate” requests a hearing on the action that triggered the filing requirement?

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History[ edit ] eHarmony’s original logo, used until August 20, Neil Clark Warren , a clinical psychologist, with his son-in-law. In July , Neil Clark Warren came out of retirement to become chief executive officer. Warren closed unprofitable international operations, switched advertisers, made changes to the board, [13] and bought back stock from Sequoia Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures.

Matching algorithms , which the company believes matches people’s core traits and values to replicate the traits of happy couples, use these answers to match members with users the company believes will be compatible. They will be able to see the matches who score at an advanced level of compatibility and also why.

Anyway, there’s a time and a place for my online dating tales, and it ain’t here. What I am here to share with you is an observation, profound in its simplicity.

Magazine Dating in Philly After Print Illustration by Tim Parker I was a little nervous. Maybe more than a little nervous. Tall, well-dressed, seriously great smile — this was going to be just fine. In fact, you might already know him. Trebek would never invite a third wheel to our standing 7 p.

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Rarely Seen Central American Ceramics Dating from 1, Years Ago Animal forms, human figures and abstract designs all provide valuable information about the diverse cultures of the region smithsonian. In addition, her seated posture indicates she is of an elevated social status. All photos by Ernest Amoroso, courtesy of the American Indian Museum Thousands of years old, the ceramics of Central America tell us a great deal about the societies who made them.

The show seeks to display the diversity of not only the objects, but also the cultures of Central America, and showcases works crafted from gold, jade, copper, marble, shell and stone and dating from 1, B. They speak of the patience, sensitivity, and innovation of their makers. While some pieces, particularly from the Maya, took on an abstracted quality, this pre-classic human-monkey figure shows a turn toward realism. Pre-Classic period Maya human-monkey figure, AD — Villa de Zaragoza, Chimaltenango Department, Guatemala Pottery Jade and gold works round out the exhibit and show how artists worked across materials.

Greater Nicoya tripod vessel in the form of an agouti, AD — Nicoya, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica Pottery Drawing inspiration from the wildlife around them, Greater Nicoya artists incorporated figures like the crocodile into their work.

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Another unsuccessful assassination attempt on Serena Butler. Xerxes moves to suppress a rebellion of Ix. Norma Cenva invents the theory of spacefolding.

Vifor Pharma Group, formerly Galenica Group, is a global pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, produces and markets its own pharmaceutical products and is the partner of choice for innovative, patient-focused solutions.

Feature Unmasking ‘racial micro aggressions’ Some racism is so subtle that neither victim nor perpetrator may entirely understand what is going on—which may be especially toxic for people of color. A flight attendant tells them they can sit anywhere, so they choose seats near the front of the plane and across the aisle from each another so they can talk.

At the last minute, three white men enter the plane and take the seats in front of them. Just before takeoff, the flight attendant, who is white, asks the two colleagues if they would mind moving to the back of the plane to better balance the plane’s load. Both react with anger, sharing the same sense that they are being singled out to symbolically “sit at the back of the bus. Were the colleagues being overly sensitive, or was the flight attendant being racist?

In his view, she was guilty of a “racial microaggression”—one of the “everyday insults, indignities and demeaning messages sent to people of color by well-intentioned white people who are unaware of the hidden messages being sent to them,” in Sue’s definition. In other words, she was acting with bias—she just didn’t know it, he says. Sue and his team are developing a theory and classification system to describe and measure the phenomenon to help people of color understand what is going on and perhaps to educate white people as well, Sue says.

Aversive racism The term racial microaggressions was first proposed by psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce, MD, in the s, but psychologists have significantly amplified the concept in recent years. In his landmark work on stereotype threat, for instance, Stanford University psychology professor Claude Steele, PhD, has shown that African-Americans and women perform worse on academic tests when primed with stereotypes about race or gender.

Women who were primed with stereotypes about women’s poor math performance do worse on math tests. Blacks’ intelligence test scores plunge when they’re primed with stereotypes about blacks’ inferior intelligence.

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The time that I’ve dreaded has just arrived. My 12 year old daughter has asked me when she can start dating. I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 18 because I had very strict parents. I didn’t sneak around and date either because I didn’t want to get into trouble with my parents. Let’s just say that I was sort of a goody two shoes and didn’t want to upset my parents.

About Kontron | Member of the S&T Group. Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology (ECT). As a part of technology group S&T, Kontron offers a combined portfolio of secure hardware, middleware and services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry applications.

Two types of product dating may be shown on a product label. The calendar date provides consumers with information on the estimated period of time for which the product will be of best quality and to help the store determine how long to display the product for sale. Does Federal Law Require Dating? Except for infant formula, product dating is not required by Federal regulations. For meat, poultry, and egg products under the jurisdiction of the Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS , dates may be voluntarily applied provided they are labeled in a manner that is truthful and not misleading and in compliance with FSIS regulations 1.

To comply, a calendar date must express both the month and day of the month. In the case of shelf-stable and frozen products, the year must also be displayed. Additionally, immediately adjacent to the date must be a phrase explaining the meaning of that date such as “Best if Used By. Manufacturers provide dating to help consumers and retailers decide when food is of best quality.

Factors including the length of time and the temperature at which a food is held during distribution and offered for sale, the characteristics of the food, and the type of packaging will affect how long a product will be of optimum quality. Manufacturers and retailers will consider these factors when determining the date for which the product will be of best quality. For example, sausage formulated with certain ingredients used to preserve the quality of the product or fresh beef packaged in a modified atmosphere packaging system that helps ensure that the product will stay fresh for as long as possible.

These products will typically maintain product quality for a longer period of time because of how the products are formulated or packaged. The quality of perishable products may deteriorate after the date passes, however, such products should still be safe if handled properly.

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Big enough to serve and small enough to care. We’re a hardworking company with humble farming roots dating back to Out of our humble beginnings, we’ve steadily built Meherrin into a strong and stable, full service agricultural and chemical supplier.

Original Dune This article or section refers to elements from Original Dune. The Universal Standard Calendar, also known as the Imperial Calendar, is the standard measurement of time in the known universe. It centered around the founding of the Spacing Guild , which established a monopoly on all space travel, transport, and Imperial banking throughout the known universe , as the starting year.

This date was chosen as an important date to begin counting years because the establishment of the Spacing Guild’s monopoly meant that interstellar travel and finance became more uniform and orderly. This also meant that parties were limited in where and when they could wage war on each other. This restriction was called the Guild Peace. Years are not counted before and after the birth of Christ, but before and after the formation of the Spacing Guild , measured as before and after Guild.

Using the information given by the Dune books, it is possible to determine how the dating system used in the novels corresponds to our own.

AG Doll: Daily Lives of Allison and Cara. S1E1 *FOR MATURE AUDIENCES*