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Music, wrestling matches, skating, wont wanna miss it, gonna be one for the ages!!! Santa Cruz Skateboards had a heavy drop last week!! To say the Santa Cruz squad is stacked is an understatement. This vid showcases some soon-to-be household names, as well as the OGs. Now sit back and enjoy t Skate, jam, and burritos!! All under one roof!! All the way from CT to blast the roof off. Skating will be free during the event and if the weathers good we’ll get the grill out again!!

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Do you live off of Fortune or do you still have a part time job? When did that happen? As of this past summer, I have been able to support myself off of Fortune. It still blows my mind.

May 26,  · How to Skateboard (Beginners). Everybody has got to start somewhere. Visit a local skate shop to browse the selection and get advice from more experienced skaters in choosing a skateboard that’s appropriate for your size and skating is easiest to learn when you have good people to learn from. Hook up with more experienced.

Zion gets lumped on this savage carcass bounce. Getting another full part out of it was just a bonus. Being stoked for others is in. Jeremy and Julian still love this shit as they flip through the new mag. HUF sure knows how to curate an edit. Salomon Cardenas and the always-epic Austyn Gillette will scorch your soul.

Check this documentary about one of the gnarliest skaters on the planet and his 20 year run with the Stone. This Chris Wimer part is no exception. Congrats on turning pro, Chris! Brace yourself for the last trick

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Skate Warehouse began with a small warehouse and retail store in in San Luis Obispo, California. Since then, we’ve gone from a small time online and. Shop from HockeyMonkey’s wide selection of senior ice hockey skates. Jeremy Klein Asian Goddess Duration: Jeremy Klein Willy Santos:

The largest range of Element skateboards, skateboard decks, wheels, trucks, bearings and grind rails at the Official Element Store. Shop now for free shipping!

Cape Town is believe to be the birth of the country and history tells us that civilisation moved Northwards from the Cape. With all that history talk, we can also link the origins of skateboarding in SA to the Cape. He had a motive in mind and that was to supply premium skate merch to the skaters in Cape Town. Jonathan and the store together successfully provided the skaters in Cape Town with jaw dropping steez and this made the store grow and get connects locally and internationally.

The store made it possible for the new skaters who were interested in skateboarding to get an endless supply of the freshest skate ware locally without the hassle of crossing towns to get skate gear. Not only did the store succeed to influence the skateboarding scene in South Africa, which is booming at the moment Baseline managed to introduce more creatives to work together and further drive the art scene locally. The store was able to anchor the projects and together they grew to become skateboarding giants in South Africa.

Merchandise If you looking for exclusive, authentic and all-out steezy skate ware whether it be kicks, accessories, clothing and hardware like trucks, bearings, nuts etc. Baseline is your one stop shop! Not only does this make them exclusive with the steez, but it also gives the customers a wide variety to choose from. With their online service, you are offered with a variety of brands and the smooth service makes it worth the while.

If you want to go down and check out the store With shipping anywhere around the country this had made access to skate ware much effortless. Adrian took over when Jonathan parted ways to pursue a life in larger business ventures.

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Email contacts for skateboard companies? November 14, , Don’t really have time to figure out a lot of it these days. Been doing students report cards and other important stuff that comes around this part of the quarter, so its been mostly just searching online to figure out contacts when my attention span can’t stay on grading and stuff. Bought 3 sets of trucks, 3 sets of wheels, and 3 sets of bearings to hook up to some old decks I have lying around, so now, including two set ups made of donated stuff I have 5 set ups.

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Takeaway delivery service Indian, Chinese, Pizza. Large Rally Field which is where we will be. If you want an electric hook-up you must book it with Pete Edwards, Club Secretary by 30th April or take pot luck on rally weekend. The site is large, flat and well drained and used by the Federation of Sidecar Clubs. There is a pub less than a mile away. The nearest fuel is about 7 miles away, so fill up before arriving.

Usual Rules will apply – no open fires, dogs on leads etc Saturday is the main day. Rally Control will be open from Thursday until Monday. We will be publishing a programme of events which will include a run out maybe to nearby Graffam Water England’s third largest reservoir. There will be plenty of awards to win and please consider to bring along a raffle prize. To note the report of the meeting 2. Matters arising from not on this agenda 3.

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My introduction to the central jersey skate scene began when I got a job at Freestyle Surf Shop in Woodbridge Center. My manager, Rodney Smith (SHUT Skates!!) set me up with my first rig, Sims Screamer, that I ticked tacked all over the store, house and parking lots every where.

Thanks MS for this one. Mike V back in the day at The Barn. Thanks for all you support of The House of Steam!! Being the pre-digital days and a grom with no money, it would be a few weeks before I would get the prints back and show them to a psyched Mike V. Not sure if I gave him a copy back then, but I attended one of his demos at Charm City skate park in Baltimore in and gave him copies of that shot and others. From day one, Rodney took me and others under his wing.

We roll up to some parking lot across from Tops Appliance and jam with these bros for hours and hours. That blonde kid stood out as far as talent goes, but those other guys were no joke. Don sorry, forget the last name was sick. Every once in a while Murph would come down from his dorm and be joined my Tommy G. Beach and getting chased by the feared Va.

Beach Ninja Gang, that will have to wait for a later day. Jason, your site rocks! At 40, I am as passionate about skating as I have ever been.

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The Canadian maple decks are 7. While not as stable as wider boards, decks under 8 inches are easier to learn kickflips and heelflips on. Deeper concave holds your feet in place, but it also prevents easy bails. Krown trucks are painted aluminum, and they have 5-inch hangers with steel axles. The Krown graphic urethane wheels are 52mm. Krown gives no durometer, but these wheels are softer than many on this list.

The bearings on Krown boards are notoriously slow, and an upgrade will be necessary to experience high-speed skating.

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