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And boy, has it kicked on in recent times. Its international airport means tourists from around the world fly directly to this perfect piece of paradise. The weather and scenery are huge attractions but so too is that icon, the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is the perfect setting off point for all kinds of Reef experiences. Schoolies have the best possible location in this now thriving city. The eateries are fantastic with a wonderful array of cafes, pubs, clubs and bars.

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The depth of the water will also play a role in your decision as well. The following are some personal preferences that I have acquired for the different places I fish. If anchoring in sandy or soft bottom then I use a 5.

These same stretches of shoreline have been holding large numbers of schoolies, with the occasional bass in the inch class caught on Danny Plugs and eels at night, along with pencil poppers and spooks just before first light.

Including beautiful Block Island. RI fishing starts in late April early May. Spring brings bait fish to Rhode Island,moving into Narragansett Bay’s many rivers and estuaries. You know that the Striper’s are not far behind. Narragansett Bay’s rocky shoreline offers many ambush points for the Striper’s to hold, waiting for the dinner They are opportunistic feeders and they never miss the chance for an easy meal.

During this time with warming water temps they feed around the clock. Narragansett Bay often explodes with feeding fish on the surface, within easy casting distance of a fly fishing fanatic. The experienced fly fisherman can usually find Striper’s chasing schools of bait, or holding on structure throughout the day. With larger bait such as Squid and Menhaden bunker ,in the mix. As spring draws to and end, the warmer days of summer move the Striper’s to deeper water by day, feeding early morning and evenings.

Then the Blue fish arrive.

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I am not very good at waiting, especially waiting for the Stripers to show up. So I have a few choices; I can run south and fish, I will try, but its hard to find the time. I can wait, we covered that option, or I can fish for the ones that have hung out all winter and the early arrivals.

Jan 19,  · He started getting some action, so Nick and I ventured through the channel and we all started hooking up on schoolies from 10 to 16 inches in length. January Cape Schoolies: Over a dozen caught and as the tide came in the bite died. Both Alex and Nick left and I .

PDF Anglers fishing the waters of the Great Southeast should be in for awesome angling action throughout the coming month. Many winter species will still be in abundance and in addition we will see an increase in the prominence of adversaries such as school mackerel, cobia, mangrove jack, estuary cod, flathead, longtail tuna and others.

With school holidays upon us, now is the time to think about getting the family out onto the water. As the weather warms during September, so will the angling action so discard the flanno, fling the beanie and warm to the action ahead. COBIA Cobia are one of my favourite bay species and I am really looking forward to targeting a few in the coming weeks. These bay bruisers can be found in decent numbers and sometimes to fairly impressive sizes with specimens exceeding 40kg being caught every year.

Apart from being stubborn fighters and a real piscatorial prize, large cobia are exceptionally tasty. In fact, the larger specimens are better table fare than the smaller one. The impressive table quality of a large cobia is probably due to the large numbers of crabs that they consume. As such, crabs are great bait for these bay brutes that can engulf and crush a large sandie with ease. Some fishermen regularly use crabs for bait, however be compliant to any relevant size restrictions for the crab species that you choose to use.

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Some of my friends went to schoolies, the other half including myself did not. To start off, they got ripped off big time. Everyone puts their hand out to take advantage of the situation.

He flings the crankbait at the schoolies but doesn’t hook up. a.m. Benton casts a sexy shad Bagley Rattlin’ B lipless crankbait to the schoolies. “Those fish are feeding on tiny shad.”.

The line should be replace the parentheses with angle brackets: Seems the HTML has loaded the code when copied with formatting stuff and breaks the compile. But as near as I can tell the only line that got broken is the include statement. However, I also posted it at http: Seems to run beautifully using the bit-banging code from a previous post, but I am wondering about the reed-switch setup. I have a metal fabrication business that I can find a ton of uses for these cheap used motors.

Heck, the one I got was new and I picked it up for 50 bucks.

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The big cows are landed a little later and are most plentiful in the fall. Striped bass usually hang around until late September then migrate south for another season. Although, some oldtimers have told stories of catching stripers through the ice in Great Bay.

Lee didn’t hook up at Schoolies and is totally OK with it. “I think it’s really important to have a conversation with yourself about what you want to get into, what you’re ready for .

Spota hopes its app will be used for more than just hookups. Mr Borg says despite the purpose of dating apps being to connect people, apps developed so far had typically been detrimental to society’s approach to dating. We want to make it easier to start a conversation with the people around us, whether that be someone who catches your eye at a bar, or someone reading an interesting book on the train, without the awkwardness.

So-called “dick pics”, where men send pictures of their penises, is another big problem. Mr Borg says he’s working to break down that culture and bring the fun and safety back to meeting people online. Conversations on the Spota app, for instance, begin with an icebreaker question to start interesting conversations from the outset.

With Spota we want that conversation to continue in a fun and friendly way and not in a boring way with, ‘Hey, how are you going? That’s why we came up with the ice-breakers such as debatable topics like ‘Is pineapple acceptable on pizza? It will allow school leavers to use the app to make new friends, access special promotions and gain entry to the festival’s best events.

Blake Wright, marketing manager at Schoolies, said Spota would provide a fun, friendly way to connect with the Schoolies community.

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I fished it yesterday with my son and I can tell you that I was not in RI anymore. There was bait, there were fish, there were birds diving and there were lots of fishermen. Last year I vowed I would never return to this place.

BEST Fort Myers, Florida Amberjack devour live bluefish and hardtail baits off Florida’s Gulf Coast during the spring. When fighting one of these guys, use the boat to maneuver away from structure after a hookup-it’s the best way to prevent a cutoff. RUNNER-UP Orange Beach, Alabama Feisty AJs deliver plenty of strikes to anglers off the wrecks and oil rigs of the Gulf.

Lots of good information in previous posts – some more tips Dolphin Tips Original author unknown Material that you will need for the rigs: Most Dolphins are caught on the surface, so most of the rigs should be surface rigs. With the wire cutters, place the cutting jaws on the hook at the eye where the end is bent to the shank the opening and squeeze. This will spread the gap wide enough to get another hook through the eye. Run the point through the eye with both hooks laying the same way.

Do this one more time, so you have three hooks joined together, all pointing the same way. Now take the pliers and squeeze the eyes closed, so the hooks will not come apart. From here tie on a piece of 80 mono about four feet long, then slide one of the shirts on the mono and finish by tying a swivel to the other end of the mono leader. After you have made about 12 of these wrap each up and place each in a separate zip lock bag.

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Entrance to the canyon. Gas is marked up. I get it though. While I was taking a shit there I got to listen to two German guys chattering back and forth at each other. Something about the showers being really cold and his friend giving him shit about it and laughing.

A Schoolies hook-up between two teenagers in the s sparked a lifelong romance. Blue Light Discos turn 40 Four decades on from its first dance, Blue Light is more than just a disco.

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