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Share 79 shares Mrs Thundercloud, who was not involved in the investigation into Poppi’s death, told the inquest into her death today: Police failed to secure the house where Poppi died in the hours following the incident; Officers didn’t interview everyone at the property in Barrow-in-Furness including her father, who was later accused of sexually assaulting her Sheets from the double bed where Poppi was found bleeding and unresponsive and her nappy were not seized by detectives. Mr Worthington, who is now in hiding, has never been charged with any offence and strongly denies any wrongdoing. Home Office pathologist Alison Armour told police she suspected Poppi had been penetrated in her bottom before her death, but this is disputed by other medical experts. On Wednesday retired former detective superintendent Cath Thundercloud of Cumbria Police, who was head of the force’s Crime Command at the time, was questioned over her review in of the original police investigation two years earlier, carried out by former beauty queen, Detective Inspector Amanda Sadler and her boss Detective Chief Inspector Mike Forrester. Gillian Irving QC, representing Poppi’s mother, said: There was certainly failures. Ms Irving said police had a report from pathologist Dr Armour, who had raised the suspicion of child abuse, but were ‘not taking it very seriously’. Pathologist Dr Alison Armour pictured , who examined the toddler’s body after she died, told the inquest she suspected Poppi had been penetrated in her bottom before her death Ms Irving added: A laptop, on which Mr Worthington told police he had been watching adult pornography, was also not seized by officers.

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Statistics show that many people that have a “clean” criminal history record, showing no convictions or former arrests in a background check, are in fact outlaws that avoided trial and have active warrants out for their arrest. Our comprehensive criminal records check is a detailed report showing warrants and other records that you would not be able to obtain through many regular online public records providers. All the details you could possibly need about the subject are provided to you in one criminal report.

Avoid the need to personally visit dozens of courthouses to get these records.

The district attorney showed reporters video of Robicheaux appearing in the Bravo reality TV show, “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” and photos of the two suspects in various locations. He said the images may “jog the public’s memory” and possibly encourage other people to come forward.

Step 1 In a large bowl, add all dry ingredients baking soda, cornstarch, epsom salts and cream of tartar and whisk together. Step 2 In a separate bowl, mix all wet ingredients, oil, essential oil, food coloring drops and water. Step 3 Now slowly pour your liquid ingredient mix into the dry mixture, whisking them together slowly. The texture should be crumbly.

Step 4 Scoop a generous amount into your mold, packing it down. If you’re using a plastic, fillable ornament, fill one side, then the other, then squeeze the halves together, wiping away excess mixture at the seam. If you want to add a little trinket or note inside the bath bomb, press it into one side of your ball. Step 5 To release a bath bomb from the round mold, tap the outside mold shell with a spoon to loosen it. Then turn it over, and repeat the process with the other half.

Step 6 Lay your bath bombs out on a cookie sheet to dry overnight.

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The Picker was then led to a seat facing away from the Dating Pool and further divided from the potential dates by a wall. They generally were expressed in a humorous style, often with various pop-culture references. After choosing a category, two or three choices were listed for example, a category on hair might be divided into blonde, brunette, and redhead , and the Picker was asked to eliminate one of the choices.

After eliminating a choice, all the contestants who fit that choice left the Dating Pool, in view of the Picker. This process was repeated until five to eight potentials were left, at which point they advanced to the next round. In the third season, a Golden Ticket was introduced, which allowed the Picker to save one eliminated player as he or she walked in front of him on the way out of the studio.

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Share this article Share Without the surgery, the child would likely have be born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome HLHS – a life-threatening condition. A team of specialists carried out the nerve-wracking operation on September The mother was given a local anaesthetic and the foetus was also given anaesthesia and a muscle relaxant so it would not move in the mother’s womb during the operation, the LA Times said.

Video of the procedure shows the tiny needle being slowly inserted into the beating heart up until the exact point of the narrow aortic valve. This part of the procedure was performed by Dr Chmait.

Here are a few of my favorite 60’s Ludwig kits which I have for sale, the collection includes Super Classics in White Marine Pearl and Champagne Sparkle and Blue Oyster, a Rock Duo in Psychedelic Red, Hollywood kits in Blue Sparkle and Mod Orange, Super Classic in Psych Red.

Importantly, a transgender actor played the tween protagonist. Hannah was delighted to finally be treated as a girl in public but had to deal with using a different toilet to her classmates. She also faced a bully who had moved to her new school. The rights of transgender children and teens is currently a hot button issue. In September, a report revealed that almost of half of young trans people try to end their lives.

And in late November, the Family Court ruled that transgender teenagers seeking hormone therapy no longer have to apply to a judge to do so. But while overseas TV shows such as Orange is the New Black and Transparent have shed light on transgender issues, First Day is an anomaly within Australian screen culture.

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TwinStack Mod One of the easiest mods you can do your Blues Junior is to convert the tone stack from standard operation to Twin-style operation. The Twin is renowned for its bell-like clean tone. Part of that is having enormous power and headroom on tap, but the way the tone stack is wired contributes to the bright, Twin clarity.

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Without a doubt, no other band better represents the cultural mosh pit that is Orange County: That’s because they injected Dick Dale-inspired surf-guitar breaks and more overt melody lines amidst all the usual thrashiness. The band’s largest following, though, came via an army of skateboarders. They were one of the first bands to tap into the then-still-kinda-underground subculture, putting their music on the soundtracks of various skate videos.

After all this time, Palm still hasn’t gotten a real job, and still tours as Agent Orange with a revolving lineup of players. The Growlers Throughout their six years as a band, the Growlers have amassed a handful of bragging rights that no other OC bands of their generation can claim. The list includes playing Coachella twice if you count the double weekend this year , garnering praise and production help from Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, becoming lightning rods for South County hipsterdom and creating a sound which combines the irrefutable twang of OC’s surf rock culture with haunting, San Francisco-born psychedelics.

As they prepare to launch their latest studio album Hung at Heart, we watch admirably as they continue to let their freak flag fly. Save Ferris could have had the same fate as other ska acts, but in the prime of the third wave ska revival, they were and continue to be one of the leading pioneers in the genre. Despite their early end, they were able to create an album that is still prominent and cherished by OC ska fans.

Atreyu In the annals of American metalcore circa , you couldn’t find a more impressive rise to fame than Atreyu. It’s amazing to think that Yorba Linda, often considered one of the quietest cities in OC, produced one of the most aggressive, throat-shredding troupes in the counties history. But by pairing the psychotic screams of frontman Alex Varkatzas with the melodic range of drummer Brandon Saller on ‘s Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, the band struck a combination that made them trendsetters in the genre.

It’s also worth mentioning that few bands could pull off as many cover songs i.

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A Bill Haley Stereo LP was released in April , it’s sales must have been almost zero, but copies are around as likely sold off as clearance. By the amount of these styles in Stereo by clearly very few sold, even in Beatles ‘Sgt Pepper’ huge seller is more common in Mono. The idea these Stereo Amps mainly were just quick cash-ins is noted in the books of the time, as with any the next generation will have been superior in quality like the Mono ones were considered.

This clearly is one of the prime Valve amps, though there are 25w w on this page that will outdo this one. We’re not likely to try one so to have a look now we have somewhere to type it is worthy.

Flutes are some of the earliest known musical instruments, with the earliest models found in Europe, dating back to 35, to 43, years ago. Flutes belong in the woodwinds category, which often confuses people who aren’t well-versed in its history.

The growing underclass of the Orange County Bubble: You have to love the Orange County bubble. It is fitting that Disneyland is in Anaheim and actually has some of the poorest households in the entire county. You have a world of Princesses and fantasy and right in the same city you have topless dancing fulfilling a fantasy of a different sort. You have cities like Irvine where most of the new homes are selling to investors or foreign buyers. It is an interesting county.

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Valves start to wear out from the moment they are installed. The frequency with which you replace them depends on a number of factors, with usage at the top of the list. Running the amp at top volumes will also shorten valve life. Many artists who regularly use their amps replace the power valves once a year and have the amp biased at that time.

Preamp valves need only to be replaced when they fail or become microphonic. Power valves should be replaced prior to failure.

Just wanted to post a grateful acknowledgment to Howard at Pignose. My Hog 30 amp was out of warranty and had a defective input jack (both front and back, actually). I’ve been all over the web and local repair shops with either no response or ridiculous price ($ repair for a $ amp).

Go to menu top I never heard anything better than a Fender if we’re talking about the big manufacturers. Later on, in the Guitar section, I’ll also talk about Standel and EchoSonic , but they’re produced in such small numbers that it’s fair to say they’ll only have historic interest to the most of us So As long as you get a tube Fender you’ll probably be on the right track, because they all sound pretty good.

It doesn’t have to be vintage at all, but they do look pretty cool. Actually I started out playing a vintage Vox AC 30 and it wasn’t bad at all. The sound was very ‘tube’ and that’s what you’re looking for, but Fender is still the better choice for Rockabilly. Fender Bassman ’59 reissue Many Rockabilly guitarists play a ’59 Fender Bassman or similar – vintage or reissue. It sounds perfect for rockabilly. The distortion which is where you get the right sound from changes dramatically with change of volume.

That’s very impractically when you play live, where you have to adjust the volume after the size and acoustics of the place where you playing. I found a way to get around that and always have the same “Bassman-sound” no matter what volume I’m playing at Here’s a page with photos of some actual recording sheets where you can see how the SansAmp was set.

I play through my Fender Showman which has a very clean sound at all volumes. I then use the SansAmp GT2 pedal that can emulate the old Bassman as an insert between the amp and the guitar.

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